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Candidates for Vice President (Academic)

Pedro Ribeiro Lopes Pinto de Almeida

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Hi there, my name is Pedro Almeida (he/him), I am a 3rd year Immunology and Infection student in the Faculty of Science and I am running to be your next University of Alberta Students' Union Vice President Academic. In my time at the university, I have had the pleasure of serving in the University of Alberta Senate, being involved in the EDI committee, Student Experience Committee and the USchool Fundraising & Outreach committee. Additionally, I am the Student-at-Large in the chancellor nomination committee, where I represent the students' voice as we search for the university's next Chancellor. I am also a Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Teaching Assistant. These experiences have allowed me to incorporate myself into the campus community, and I look forward to making more of an impact through the representation of students as the VP Academic for the UASU.

I have decided to extend my involvement at the university and run for the position of VP Academic, because while I recognize the great efforts put forward by the UofA and the UASU, I am also extremely aware of the flaws built into the systems that make up our current academic experience. Every point in my platform addresses these issues in order to serve as my guide to ensure a continued move to bettering the university. I am committed to this role, and with your support I am sure we can transform the U of A into the ideal academic community we want it to be.

Rowan Morris

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My name is Rowan, I use he/him or they/them pronouns, I am in my fourth year of my Elementary Education degree, and I am running to be your Vice President Academic. Some of you may know me from my various campus commitments including sitting on Students Council, acting as Vice President External for the Education Students Association and working as the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion intern for Residence Services. During my term as a councillor, I sat on the audit committee, sustainability committee and Council Administration Committee. This year, I have also had the pleasure of working as the outreach coordinator with the Peer Support Centre where I have been hearing directly from you about what you’re experiencing! Above all of those roles, I am really just a student. As a student, I understand that there are real issues being left unaddressed. I am running to help cultivate your learning through enhancing trainings for both SRAs and your professor, to ensure you are getting the education you deserve! Our academic accommodations and work term systems need to be updated to reflect the needs of students. Beyond all of this, you need a beartracks that actually works for you, and is in french for CSJ students.

You deserve a candidate who will cultivate your academic experience! Vote Rowan for VP Academic on March 8th and 9th!

Milan Regmi

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Milan Regmi is a 4th year Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education Combined Degree Student. For the past 3 years, Milan has been heavily involved within different levels of student governance. Milan has served on the Students Council and General Faculties Council as both an Arts and Education Representative. Additionally, he is in his second year as one of the Undergraduate Students sitting on the University of Alberta Senate. He has also served as a Councillor and a director within the Organization of Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies (OASIS) and has also volunteered at both the Education Students Association and with Help Young Minds at the University of Alberta.

If elected to the position of Vice President Academic, Milan is thoroughly committed to ensuring the University does the maxis onmum to ensure the academic livelihoods of students are improving and give students a sense of belonging and support. As an experienced person who has worked within various decision-making bodies on GFC and Senate, Milan is committed to using his voice within the GFC Committees to ensure academic support services are universally accessible to all students regardless of their location, and that decisions take into account the needs of all students no matter their identity or who they are. Milan is also committed to ensuring that the GFC Student Caucus uses its voice to its maximum potential by working with the University and with the Students Union to ensure more transparency is being given to students. Finally, Milan wants to ensure all students have the opportunity to explore different avenues of academia and that all students have opportunities to partake in programs and initiatives that would further advance their academic journey.

Milan's experience, knowledge, and ability to work with others is what is needed in the Vice President Academic role right now. If you believe this as well, check out Miland platform at, follow him on Instagram @regmi4vpa, and make sure to vote Milan Regmi as your next Vice President Academic on March 8th and 9th!

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