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Dave Konrad

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Hey! I am in my third year of a Bachelor of Environmental and Conservation Sciences degree, majoring in Human Dimensions of Environmental Management; I want to be a diplomat, developing cooperative policies with other countries to bring peace in places of violence.

I am running for re-election to the Undergraduate Board of Governors Representative (BoG Rep) position. I will continue advocating for better university communications for Academic Restructuring (AR) and the Service Excellence Transformation (SET) and against tuition increases. I will also push for policy that supports inclusive recruitment at the board and demographic tracking for minority students to make the campus a safer place for them. Consultation will accompany all my work.

I was part of AR and SET conversations from the beginning up, where I consistently raised student issues and I will continue holding administration accountable to centering students throughout the transitions. While we approach the board’s budget vote, I have been researching and advocating which equips me to push for fair budget policy so that students don’t have to build the same case every year. With the board lacking diversity, I pushed committee and board chairs on Indigenous representation. Going forward, I’ve laid groundwork for developing policy that ensures more of Edmonton area’s communities are represented at the board.

Apart from student life, I care about climate change, reconciliation with Indigenous people and approaching complex issues logically, without making assumptions or jumping to conclusions. I enjoy organizing stuff like my Google Drive, playing volleyball, photography and exercising!

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