Governance Research

Governance Research

Discover Governance uses an evidence-based approach to determine the direction of our services and other activities. Some of the research we conduct to help us better understand student governance at the U of A can be found here.

Identity in SU Governance

The Students' Union's department of Research and Political Affairs have conducted research on how identity affects students' involvement in SU governance. A report on their findings can be found here.

2017 Identity Matters Report

Discovering Students In Governance Report

The purpose of this report is to discover and document all student representative seats that exist at the University of Alberta, and use that knowledge to direct support, training, and recruitment efforts. As of the most recent edition, all known areas of student representation on campus have been added to the report, and we are only missing the specific data for a few bodies. What we have discovered is that there are over 1000 student representative opportunities at the U of A, and most of them do not have consistent access to neutral, well-resourced support systems. Hopefully we can begin to change that!

2010 DSiG Report
2011 DSiG Report
2012 DSiG Report
2013 DSiG Report
2014 DSiG Report
2015 DSiG Report
2016 DSiG Report
2017 DSiG Report
2018 DSiG Report

Student Representative Vacancy Reports

This report tracks trends in vacancies in student representative positions. Knowing where there are consistent vacancies can help us target recruitment efforts to ensure that more representative seats are filled in the future. Currently, we only track Students' Council and General Faculties Council seats, but over time we hope to expand to all the representative seats identified in the DSiG report.

2014/15 Vacancy Report
2015/16 Vacancy Report

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