Join a Committee

Join a Committee

Why Represent?

Being a student representative is a unique and rewarding experience while in university. Being involved in University Governance in various capacities enables you to create change on campus that will affect you, your fellow students, and staff in influential and meaningful ways.

Below are the various positions you can hold. Send an e-mail to for information on how to get involved.

General Faculties Council Undergraduate Representative

The General Faculties Council is one of the main governing bodies of the University. So being a student in this body is a huge deal.

Students Council Undergraduate Representative

Students' Council is the ultimate authority in the Students' Union. You can run as one of the undergraduate representatives that represents your faculty to the Students Council, which is a very important position.

Faculty Association Executive Positions

Faculty Associations are key student servants and representatives. They are a group of elected student volunteers who advocate in behalf of the students they represent, provide services, plan events and make sure that students have the best experience possible within the undergraduate program that they have. There are various positions in each of the Executive Board of these Faculty Associations that all help in achieving the goals that these groups pursue for their students.

Want to be one of them? Contact your Faculty Association about the timelines for the nominations and elections in your faculty.

Current Opportunities

There are no upcoming opportunities at this time.

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