Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything

The SU will be hosting an online "Ask Me Anything" style panel discussion with former members of the SU Executive, Council, and Service Directors. Come find out what it's like to be involved in leading the SU, tips and tricks from the campaign trail, or really anything you want to know.

The live chat has now ended -- thank you to everyone who participated!

Here's a summary of the chat highlights.
Resources provided during the chat

  • Information on working for the SU is available here.

  • Information on when Council meets (at 6pm in Telus 138) is available here.

  • Information on how to put your name forward to run for SU positions is available here

  • Information on using Robert's Rules of Order, University Outlines of Issue, and other governance related supports are available here.

Catrin Berghoff, former staff, Arts Councillor
Beverly Eastham, former Arts Councillor & VP External
Samantha Power, former staff, VP External & President
Leah Trueblood, former VP Academic
Lisa Dockman, former Director of Sustain SU (when it was ECOS)
Kristen Flath, former staff, former VPSL

Amanda Henry, former VP Academic & Speaker, currently Discover Governance
Rebecca Taylor, former FA Executive, BoG candidate, and Student Governance Officer
Craig Turner, former Presidential candidate, BoG Rep & Speaker, currently SU forums streaming ninja

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