Startup Info for Faculty Associations

Startup Info for Faculty Associations

Financial Reporting

Reporting is handled on a trimesterly basis, so your reports will be due at the end of each trimester. Please fill in this template reporting form at the end of each trimester and submit it to Discover Governance at, or upload it to the Google Drive that has been shared with your financial contact. Reports are due on the following dates:

Spring/Summer: September 1
Fall: January 2
Winter: April 30

Other SU Reporting Requirements

According to SU Bylaw 8100, FAs must submit the following information to the SU:

  • A schedule of any Departmental Associations and Affiliated Associations. (This is done when you register as a student group with SGS.)

  • A document confirming the legitimate selection of the Association’s officers and their contact information. (When new executives are elected send that information to as soon as possible so that they can get information on the summer retreat and other early events.)

  • An outline of organizational and financial goals. (Bring to COFA meeting)

Student Group Registration

Don't forget to re-register your faculty association as a student group with Student Group Services. Information about re-registration will be emailed out by Student Group Services.

Transition Survival Kit

Discover Governance has created a new resource for faculty associations called the Transition Survival Kit. It was designed to help FA executives who got little to no transition or training get on their feet and figure out their positions, but it could be helpful to any FA looking for transition materials.

This is a very new resource that we are currently piloting with faculty associations, so if you have any comments, questions, or constructive feedback, we would love to hear it! Please contact the Student Governance Officer at

Download the Transition Survival Kit here.

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