Campus Tours

New Student Orientation

Welcome to your campus tour of the University of Alberta North Campus.

Even though we are no longer conducting in person tours for the Fall 2021 semester, virtual tours are available as an opportunity for you to learn about your campus and what is available during your time at the University of Alberta.

Virtual Tour:

Please click here to access the Virtual Campus Tour.

This virtual tour is built as an opportunity to learn about the diverse buildings on North Campus that you will be accessing during your time at the University of Alberta.

Buildings are typically labeled by their acronym on schedules and other documents. We've organized the navigation menu with the official name and it's acronym. As you begin to navigate the North Campus , feel free to use this resource to help augment your virtual tour of North Campus. Click here to access the University of Alberta campus map.

The mandarin version of this tour is available on Spotify with future plans to integrate it as part of the virtual tour! Click here to access the NSO Self Guided Campus Tour - Mandarin

Please note: the French version of this tour is currently unavailable and will be made available at a later date. We highly encourage those who can, to attend the "CSJ Tour" offering of in-person tours.

This virtual tour would not be possible without the help of all dedicated volunteers who contributed to the translations, recordings and editing. We would like to offer a special thanks to the following people:

- - - -
Abdel Tayem Annie Wei Anran Zhang Bill Zhang
Danny Lu Carolyn Tran Yuting (Cindy) Sun Dakota Schmiedt
Grace Li Hao Fan Haoyang Ren Krystal Farinas
Haoyun Chen Jada Leung Janessa Morin Katherine Chen
Lele Xiao Max Li Megan Wang Melanie Mah
Michael Chang Peony Li Ryan Fang Sarah Proctor
Sophie Tiet Terrance Tao Tommy Shum Tina Huynh
Warren Leung Xinxin Zhang Yuliang Li

A special thank you the President & Vice-Provost, Bill Flanagan for his recording of the South Academic Building.