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Volunteer with WOW & Orientation 2018

Week of Welcome strives to develop spirit, community, and culture by creating an unforgettable welcoming experience for all students

Applications for Team Facilitator are now open! Team Facilitators are the senior level volunteers for the Week of Welcome program. Team facilitators are inclusive, welcoming, and passionate about Week of Welcome and The University of Alberta. Apart from their position-specific duties, Team Facilitators support the UASU Events Staff in carrying out the vision of Week of Welcome. Listed below are the specific positions and the duties assigned to those positions.

Applications will close on October 9th at 11:59pm! To apply visit https://events.su.ualberta.ca/network/wow/apply/tf

Positions Descriptions

Faculty Team Facilitator

Approximate time commitment: 130 hours over 10 months

In general, Faculty TFs from specific faculties will work together to recruit general volunteers needed from their faculty, deliver unified general volunteer training, and rely on one another to provide information and support to general volunteers. Within their faculty teams, TFs will be working in pairs to manage their group of volunteers. Together, the pairs will work throughout the spring and summer to provide community building and skill development, will lead training during VT for their faculties on their area of focus, and help setup, takedown, and cleanup during Week of Welcome. Within the pairing, one TF will be focused on Events and the other will be focused on Orientation. Specifically, responsibilities during Week of Welcome include:

  • Faculty TFs - Events - WOW Village and Clubs Fair Setup, Operations, Troubleshooting, and Takedown. Pancake Breakfast, Quad Activities, Info Booth, Photobooth, Campus Promotional Activities, and President's Address Setup.
  • Faculty TFs - Orientation - Volunteer group management and troubleshooting group and new student issues, Campus wayfinding assistance, WOW Village and Clubs fair setup, takedown, and troubleshooting. Evening Events setup and door management. Volunteer Headquarters operations and troubleshooting. Beer Gardens ticket sales, operations, and takedown.

Overall, all Faculty Team Facilitators are responsible for acting as an ambassador for the Students’ Union and the University of Alberta while serving as a liaison between Programming and Events staff and the General volunteers.

Program Support Team Facilitator

Approximate Time Commitment: 150 Hours over 10 Months

Program Support Team Facilitators provide logistical support throughout the Week of Welcome program. The PSTFs are responsible for hiring, training, and supporting teams of Program Support Volunteers.The Program Support team will be responsible for the following:

  • On Orientation Day: Registration and Information Tents, nametag scanning, assisting with new student inquiries - Inventory Control: Plan and manage the distribution and inventory of: Event Tickets, Posters and marketing materials, handbooks, and souvenirs and giveaways.
  • Site Crew: Work with staff to understand and plan the execution of the WOW site setup; communicate and help to complete setup, takedown, and troubleshooting, and assist in the direction of daily setup and takedown.

Overall, Program Support TFs help ensure a smooth and successful implementation of Week of Welcome and Orientation.

Orientation Presentation Team Facilitator

Approximate Time Commitment: 160 Hours over 10 Months

Orientation Presentation Team Facilitators will be working closely with the staff to help successfully prepare for the UAlberta 101 Presentation that will be presented to all new students on Orientation day.The OPTFs will hire, train, and support a team of Orientation Presentation Facilitators who will help deliver this presentation. OPTFs will be expected to organize rehearsals for their groups throughout August, as well as attend mandatory professional development sessions related to presentation content, public speaking, and presentation skills throughout the summer.

WOW Media Director

Approximate Time Commitment: 130 Hours over 10 Months

The Media Team Facilitators goal is to capture the spirit of the Week of Welcome experience. They are responsible for capturing and creating of all the promotional and recap videos for volunteer recruitment, volunteer orientation, summer events and volunteer training, New Student Orientation and Week of Welcome. They will also be supporting staff in compilation and editing of event photo albums as well as leading a WOW-specific professional development session for the UASUevents Media Team!

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