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Applications for Events Team 2017/18 are open! Event Facilitators are driven, inclusive, engaged individuals with a passion for Event Planning, Management, and Marketing. Event Facilitators assist the staff in realizing the vision of UASUevents. By volunteering with the Events Team, you are presented with an incredible opportunity to make your mark on the experience of all students, and to create an exciting, engaging campus environment.

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Position Descriptions

Event Facilitator

Event Facilitators serve as the senior level volunteers with UASUevents. You will work closely with experienced event planners and managers to ensure you have the necessary skills to host the best events on campus. Facilitators will be the primary voice in Student Events, and will be responsible for outreach, marketing, and execution of all major UASU events.

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Assist with the planning and execution of every major UASU Event.
  2. Attend and promote at least one UASU Event per month
  3. Distribute promotional materials across campus
  4. Engage with social media marketing strategies
  5. Engage directly with students and Student Groups.

Media Director

Media directors are responsible for capturing the spirit of UASUevents and bringing them to life on camera. You will work with staff to create promotional content for student events, as well as shooting and editing photo and video content for major events. Media directors will also be responsible for the development of a highlight video of all major events throughout the year. Media directors should be driven, creative, passionate individuals looking to further develop, or to broaden their camera and editing skills.

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Capture photo and video footage of events
  2. Prepare promotional & highlight videos for major events
  3. Create a year end recap video of all major student events for 2017/18

Yearly Project: NEW Event!

In addition to these responsibilities, Event Facilitators will be tasked with developing a new event to be hosted near the end of their term. This team planned event will serve as an opportunity for the facilitators to invent, design, plan, organize, and execute an event of their choice.

Event Facilitators will be expected to:

  1. Generate and integrate creative ideas that translate into positive experiences for stakeholders
  2. Apply event management strategies and industry processes required to properly execute a major event
  3. Develop a dynamic, integrated, wide-reaching marketing communication strategy specific to the event
  4. Draft a budget proposal for the event
  5. Meet regularly with staff to discuss problems, questions, and possible complications, as well as to ensure the event is in alignment with Students’ Union best practices.
  6. Create a reverse timeline outlining all necessary procedures and preparations for the event.

All Event Facilitators will receive:

  1. Personalized Events Jackets
  2. VIP Entrance and free admission to major events (WOW Mainstage, Block Party, Year End Bash, RATTio, Singer Songwriter Showcase)
  3. Discount cards at SU Businesses (L’express, Daily Grind, Undergrind, SUBprint)
  4. Monthly coffee card at Daily Grind & Undergrind for 10 coffees.
  5. Personalized SU Email addresses and business cards

NOTE: Because Event Facilitators will be hosting Campus Cup and AntiFreeze, you will not be permitted to participate in these events

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