Team T-Shirts

Team T-Shirts

Teams are required to wear the Campus Cup t-shirt provided to them by the organizers while playing in the tournament.

Custom Shirts!

Teams are able to customize their team jerseys for Campus Cup! Each team can design the front logo of their tournament t-shirts and choose from a wide colour selection to help make their Campus Cup truly unique.

After registering a team, the captain will have the ability to upload a logo to be printed on the front of their team's shirts. This logo can be printed up to 12” wide by 12” tall and can have as many colours as wanted.

All artwork must be submitted by Friday, October 27th, or a team will receive a standard Campus Cup t-shirt. When submitting artwork, please submit the highest quality file possible. Illustrator and Photoshop file formats are preferred.

How To Submit Your Design

Once your team has been registered, team captains can click here to upload their shirt design.


The early bird deadline is Friday, October 20th.

The final deadline to submit a custom Campus Cup T-shirt design is on Friday, October 27th.

Note: Once you submit your t-shirt design on the network, no changes can be made. T-shirts are ordered in waves - once you submit your design your shirt order may be placed at any time and late players may receive generic shirts.

Guideline for Design

  1. Use Adobe Illustrator if possible: .ai or .eps format preferred. .pdf or .png are also acceptable.
  2. Review your artwork (spell check) - No brainer, right? You'd be surprised.
  3. Use the image below as a reference for what your shirt colour will look like.
  4. Convert your fonts to Outlines.
  5. Create your artwork at the actual size. 12" by 12" is the canvas size.
  6. Your artwork can have as many colours as you want
  7. The thinnest lines should not be less than 1.0 point.
  8. Fonts should be no smaller than 12 point if you want to be able to read them on your shirt.

Check out this video outlining how to create a design using Canva!

Below is a list of colours* that your team may choose from for your shirts.

*Please note that black jerseys are not an option.

alt text

For some inspiration, check teams playing on our Instagram @UASUevents and email us at if you have any questions.

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