Water Refill Stations

Water Refill Stations

Over 1.5 million refills and counting!

Two new water fountains (the Refill-it stations) were installed in SUB following the 2011 Sustainability Assessment, which recommended that water fountains that made it easy to refill water bottles should be installed in the building.

Two old-style drinking fountains were replaced with new water refill stations in September 2011, shortly after the publication of the Assessment. And in September 2014, we installed a third Refill-it station in the newly renovated Lower Level. Each station features:

  • an automated water bottle refill system
  • a counter that records each time a bottle is refilled
  • a regular water fountain tap, and
  • a water filtration system

Anyone who has tried to refill a water bottle at a typical water fountain knows how awkward - and messy - it can be. The water refill stations make it fast and easy to refill almost any water bottle, and they obviously work: on average, each refill station is used hundreds of times every day!

Since they were installed, the stations have been used more than one and a half million times.

Of course, that doesn't mean that a million and a half plastic bottles have been taken out of the waste stream... but it's pretty obvious that providing water refill stations does encourage people to use their own bottles.

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As of October 2017, we estimate that the three stations have been used 1,598,478 times. (see note below)

If you have any questions about the Refill-it stations, please contact marketing@su.ualberta.ca.

Note: Just in case you are looking at the counters on the water stations, note that the ones on the two main floor units both failed at different times, so the counts at the machines are no longer accurate. Also, the unit close to the east doors of SUB was out of service for about 90 days when when it froze up on a really cold winter's day!

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