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How to Register

Returning Groups

As per the Student Group Procedure, student groups will complete registration renewal annually, in conjunction with their election month. Student groups will now have until the end of the month following their election month to submit their registration online through BearsDen. For example, if your election is in March, you have until April 30th to submit your registration for review.

Late Registration: Student groups that have not submitted their registration by the end of their registration period, will have their BearsDen profiles frozen. This means that the following privileges will be suspended (note that this list is not exhaustive and other privileges can also be withheld for unregistered groups):

  • Event hosting
  • On-Campus Room booking
  • Access to Student Group Grants and other campus granting programs

If a previously registered group goes unrecognized for more than 6 months following their election month (eg. September 1st in our example), SGS will consider the group to be INACTIVE. Students wishing to re-activate the student group must contact Student Group Services directly.

Special Student Groups

Re-registration for Faculty Associations and Residence Associations will be on separate timelines to accommodate the additional departments and offices assisting us in reviewing their registrations.

2016-17 Registration Timelines for Faculty and Residence Associations Below!

  • Registration for Faculty Associations opens June 1st and will close on July 31st, 2016
  • Registration for Residence Associations opens June 1st and will close on July 31st, 2016

If you are a member and/or executive of one of these groups and have specific questions, please feel free to contact SGS, or your specific advisor or residence counsellor.

New Groups

New groups can apply at any time during the school year, keeping in mind that there may be busier months to apply in than others, and will be transitioned into the election month timeline for their next registration submission once they are approved. SGS will inform your new club of the next required registration period for your student group at the confirmation of your original registration.

Note: New Group Registrations will be closed from March 1 - May 1, 2016.

NEW: January 31 2017 Students wishing to start a club that teaches or instructs physical activities, such as dance, taekwondo, or other sports and activities, will no longer be reviewed by Student Group Services due to the high-risk nature. If you are interested in starting a physical activity club, please contact Campus and Community Recreation, through the Club Sports & Outdoor Programs Coordinator Erin Sokoloski at

Clubs that teach dance or other physical activities that are already recognized by Student Group Services will be grandfathered under previous operating policy. If you have any concerns about your club's status, please let us know at

Graduate Student Departmental Groups

All departmental groups registered with the Graduate Students' Association should now be using the Departmental GSA Default Constitution. Recognition from the GSA is subject to approval by the Graduate Student Association. If you have questions about whether your student group is eligible for GSA recognition, please email

Registration Resources

Not sure what your registration status is for 2017-18?

Visit our live-updating Registration Status Tracking Sheet, here.

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