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Jennifer Yurkiw - Program Lead |

Intro/Background: Hey there! My name is Jenn Yurkiw (she/her) and I'm the Program Lead of the Peer Support Centre. I am a recent graduate of the University of Alberta with my BSc in Human Ecology, Family Studies.

I am.../I am not…: I am driven; I am not my labels

Self Care Practice: Self care is so important! Without a doubt my biggest form of self care is spending time with my dog! Whether it be just a few minutes in the backyard or going for long walks in the river valley, taking the time to focus my energy on another living being is a seriously amazing way to relieve stress! I also love travelling, camping and spending time at my cabin with my friends and family!

Tip to students: Maintaining a healthy balance in your schedule is an important step in managing stress. Prioritize balance when creating a study schedule, and make sure to include time for self-care and sleep! Be kind and patient with yourself when dealing with hard times, and always remember that asking for help is not a sign of weakness! It takes a lot of strength to recognize when you may need support.


Kiki Yamada - Volunteer Coordinator |

Intro/Background: Hey y’all! My name is Kiki (she/her) and I’m the Volunteer Coordinator at the PSC! I graduated with my BSc. in Psychology/Biology! I also love exclamation marks!!

I am.../I am not…: I am resilient. I am not my past mistakes.

Self Care Practice: SELF CARE IS NOT SELFISH! I love to bake delicious treats and, more importantly, eat delicious treats! I also love yoga (I can preach about this to anyone who will listen) and rock climbing. Dance parties in my shower happen on the daily. Last but not least, I am a proud member of the “Frequent Crier Program” and love a good feels trip :’)

Tips to Students: It’s okay not to be okay! School is stressful/intimidating/all those scary things and it can get dark at times. But, you are not alone in those struggles. If you reach out a hand, there will always be a few reaching right back.


Pavan Lilly - Outreach Coordinator |

Intro/Background: Why hello! I’m Pavan & I’m the Outreach Coordinator with the PSC :) I recently graduated with a BA in Psychology & Linguistics and my preferred pronouns are she/her.

I am.../I am not…: I am trustworthy; I am not my skin colour

Self Care Practice: I have a bunch of different types of self care! I LOVE to travel! Any quick getaway helps clear my head. On a smaller scale, I also enjoy going on long drives, reading, watching movies, eating ice cream, spending time with my friends and going for walks.

Tip to students: Be sure to take care of yourself! Avoid burning out by understanding your personal limits, and engaging in things that make you feel GREAT! :)


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