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The aim of this project is to promote peace, understanding and cooperation, and to improve the social image of Ciudad Juarez which has suffered throughout the years. We’ll work in cooperation with the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez. By realizing this project we wish to reflect the commitment of the community to seek and create opportunities and spaces where these false images of the city are eliminated.
The main task of the volunteers will be to create the "Multicultural World Mural". Volunteers will help to plan the details of the different stages of creating the Mural, such as: mural design, type of painting, amount of painting, etc. and then will help to create this landmark for the city to send a message to the world! The volunteers will be also fundamental actors in creating a photographic production of Ciudad Juarez by taking photographs around the city and then displaying them on an intercultural wall.
Special requirements: You have to be open-minded and ready to adapt to a different culture, enjoy art and be able to use it to transmit a message to the world! You need to be a person who can discover unappreciated cities, destinations, places and people that are normally overlooked, see the fun and beauty they have and look beyond the book cover. Please note that the work is based on arts, discovering and transmitting the real spirit of people and things beyond the image created by mass media.

More info and enrollment at: http://cadip.org/volunteer-in-mexico

Give us a call: 780-638-2500

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This volunteer project is in cooperation with the Speleology club of Obidos. The aim is to contribute to the preservation and maintenance of the historic heritage of the region, to develop intercultural learning through the interaction of volunteers from different countries, and to promote cultural enrichment through visits to the region’s most prominent places (the Castle of Obidos, one of the seven wonders of Portugal, monasteries, forts, the natural reserve of the Island of Berlenga, rich in sea bird species and wonderful landscapes, among others).

The volunteers will take part in the preservation and maintenance of the local historic heritage and will learn and utilize the whitewash painting technique on Obidos village infrastructures (walls, buildings, water fountains, etc.). The volunteers will also learn some speleology techniques for vertical ascend and descend.

Project dates: August 2 - August 13, 2017

More information: http://cadip.org/volunteer-in-portugal

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