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Name: Ben Henbest
Availibility: I am readily available throughout the week! Please click on my name and/or see my website for more information: www.henbestediting.com. I can edit and plan for a wide range of courses and am very flexible. I am always accessible and respond very quickly. Please be sure to provide the course type, course number level, and institution, and due date - this just gives me a perspective of what you would need. For editing, you can send me the document and I can tell you accurately how long it will take me.
Rate: $25.00
Courses: PHIL 101 Intro, PHIL 102 Intro/ Knowledge and Reality, PHIL 200 Metaphysics, PHIL 205 Phil of Mind, PHIL 215 Epistemology , PHIL 265 Phil of Science, PHIL 291 Existentialism, PHIL 448 Analytical Philosophy, SOC 100 Intro, SOC 224 Crime/Deviance, SOC 271 Sociology of the Family, SOC 352 Globalization and Economics, SOC 333 Theory: of the Subject, SOC 370 Racism and Decolonization, WRITE 298A/B Creative Non-Fiction, PHIL 333 Aristotle, PHIL 392, PHIL 343 Kant, PHIL 359 Christian Issues, PHIL 401, MUSIC 465
Name: Shalini Dhunnoo
Availibility: I will only be editing papers from 2016 on and will no longer be tutoring for high school and university courses. I specialise in editing essays in a variety of subjects. I am available throughout the week, except for Saturdays.
Rate: $30.00
Courses: High School English 10, High School English 20, High School English 30, High School French 10, High School French 20, PSYCO 105, RELIG 230, SOC 100, PSYCO 233, PSYCO 267, SOC 225, ENGL 123, PSYCO 223, PSYCO 275, PSYCO 302, SOC 212, SOC 321, PSYCO 241, PSYCO 339, SOC 269, SOC 327, PSYCO 435, WRITE 298, PSYCO 341, SOC 210, SOC 421, SOC 473, CLASS 102, SOC 224, SOC 315, SOC 333, High School Social Studies 10, High School Social Studies 20, High School Social Studies 30, Editing , High School Biology 10, High School Biology 20, High School Biology 30
Name: Emma Brook
Rate: $None
Courses: ENGL 111, ENGL 309, ENGL 339, ENGL 350, ENGL 353, ENGL 357, ENGL 362, ENGL 380, ENGL 391, ENGL 401, ENGL 486, WRITE 298, W ST 101, W ST 201, W ST 320

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