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Volunteer with WOW & Orientation 2017

Week of Welcome strives to create an unparalleled welcoming experience for all.

Applications for Week of Welcome and Orientation 2017 are open! The Week of Welcome Team is the biggest volunteer group on campus, and has positions for people with all kinds of strengths and interests. By volunteering with WOW, you are presented with an incredible opportunity to change the life of a new student, and to create an inclusive environment for everyone at the University.

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Position Descriptions

Faculty Leaders

Faculty Leaders serve as the first point of contact for new students on campus on the day of Orientation! You will work closely with a group of other Faculty Leaders led by a Team Facilitator to ensure you have the necessary skills to execute the vision of Week of Welcome 2017. Specific Responsibilities of Faculty Leaders include:

  • Orientation: Welcome new students to the university by facilitating campus tours, guiding students to Faculty presentations, ONEcard pickup, and answering Faculty specific questions. Faculty Leaders will also participate in the Faculty Barbeque and Presidents' Address.
  • Welcome Events: Faculty leaders will be expected to facilitate a minimum of 3 Week of Welcome activites including but not limited to - Pancake Breakfast, Quad Activities, Info Booth, Photobooth, and Promotional Activities. Overall, Faculty Leaders serve as an ambassador for the Students' Union and the University of Alberta to ensure both new and returning students transition smoothly into University life.

Orientation Presentation Facilitator

As an Orientation Presentation Facilitator, you will sharpen your public speaking, presentation and facilitation skills by hosting informative, engaging, and exciting panels or information sessions about student life for new students on the day of Orientation. Topics include:

  • Involvement
  • Wellness
  • Transitioning to University
  • Challenges faced by University students such as mental health and campus safety

If you excel at speaking in front of large crowds, or are looking to develop those skills, and are passionate about helping students achieve success in their personal and academic lives, this position offers an excellent opportunity for personal and professional growth and development.

Program Support Crew

Program Support members provide administrative and logistical support throughout the Week of Welcome program. Crew members will be trained at a high level in order to provide direction to Faculty Leaders to aid with efficiency and smooth completion of tasks. Program support is divided into three areas of expertise:

  • Registration and Headquarters: Distribute and assign volunteer shifts, run Orientation registration tent and help desk, manage Week of Welcome Volunteer Headquarters, and monitor and respond to general Week of Welcome emails.
  • Inventory Control: Plan and manage the distribution and inventory of: Event tickets, posters and marketing materials, handbooks, souvenirs, and giveaways.
  • Site Crew: Work closely with staff to understand and plan the execution of the Week of Welcome site setup and maintenance; communicate and delegate tasks to other volunteers to efficiently carry out the setup and takedown plan, and facilitate daily setup and takedown.

Media Technicians

Media Techs are responsible for capturing the spirit and excitement of the Week of Welcome experience. You will work with our experienced Media Team to develop professional promotional photos, videos, and presentation materials. Specific duties include:

  • Photography - Capture the events on camera and ensure a wide-range of activities are caught on camera.
  • Videography - Use GoPros, drones, and other video equipment to develop high quality promotional videos for the program.
  • Social Media - Take charge of generating hype and excitement through customized social media posts leading up to, and during Week of Welcome.

Photographers and videographers at all levels of experience are highly encouraged to apply and help capture the essence of Week of Welcome.

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