Large Format, Posters & Banners

Large Format, Posters & Banners

SUBprint offers a fast and affordable large format printing for all types of uses:

We offer large format prints in any length up to 100 feet and in widths of 24", 36", 42", or 60"!

  • Same day service
  • No rush fee
  • Student friendly printing

Submitting your Print Jobs

  1. Submit your print jobs by emailing your file (20MB max) along with thorough instructions to Print jobs sent without thorough instructions will have printing held until pickup.

  2. Bring your file to us in-person directly on a USB key.

We accept most types of files including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, as well as Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat PDF formats. We prefer PDFs because of their ease and flexibility.

Design Instructions

Although large format can print borderless, the image is overprinted and therefore any text or critical images close to the edges should be moved in at least 1/2" to avoid cut-off.

Images below 150 dpi will result in pixilation. 300 dpi is recommended.

New Lower Pricing!

Pricing is per linear foot, rounded to the next 1/4-foot.

Width Matte Bond
Satin Photo
Polypro Vinyl
Adhesive Vinyl
24" roll $3.20/ln.ft. $5.50/ln.ft. $10/ln.ft. -
36" roll $4.80/ln.ft. $8.25/ln.ft. $15/ln.ft. $21/ln.ft.
42" roll $5.60/ln.ft. $9.63/ln.ft. $17.50/ln.ft. $24.50/ln.ft.
60" roll $8/ln.ft. $13.75/ln.ft. - -
Width Scrim Vinyl
Satin Cloth
Clear Film
24" roll - - $15/ln.ft. -
36" roll $22.50/ln.ft. $16.50/ln.ft. $22.50/ln.ft. $24/ln.ft.
42" roll - - $26.25/ln.ft. -
60" roll - - $37.50/ln.ft. -
  • Pricing is based on print-ready artwork. Your file must be set-up at 100% scale.
  • Matte Bond is not recommended for high resolution or full ink coverage.
  • Test strips are recommended for colour-critical prints, and are available at a cost of $5.00 each.

Paper Types

GSM means Grams per Square Metre, a measurement that describes the weight of the paper. The higher the GSM, the heaver the paper.

Matte Bond is a Heavyweight Matte Coated Paper (170 GSM) our most affordable and recommended for research posters.

Satin Photo is Photographic Paper (240GSM) with a Satin sheen finish recommended for Photos, and graphic images with heavy ink coverage.

Polypro Vinyl is a Polyethylene vinyl with a matte coated finished (180 GSM) it is durable and the paper we use and recommend for our banner stand combinations.

Adhesive Vinyl is a Removable Self Adhesive matte coated Polyethylene film (290 GSM). We have recently brought in a new adhesive vinyl that is easier to remove without damaging paint on the wall.

Clear Film with Interleaf is a clear 4mm film with removable interleaf backing. Perfect for oversized graphic overlays, colour keys and window graphics. Graphic arts students in particular may find this product useful for projects!

Scrim Vinyl is a Heavy Duty matte coated polyester (460 GSM) and makes for a strong and durable banner.

Satin Cloth (Travel Poster) is a 6mm polyester light woven fabric that can be folded and used for travel research posters and cloth banners. Featuring a rich satin finish -- nicer then your average travel poster -- it can also be used as a hanging banner, as partially translucent background light can brighten the poster.

Canvas is an ultra-thick 15mm cloth material, used for our Gallery Wrap prints and any other places where a very heavy fabric comes in handy!

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